Losing at the Waiting Game

Patience is something I have to work on every single day. Patience that my time will eventually come. And maybe while I try to learn patience I’ll also realize that now is my time. I think it’s unhealthy to always be looking towards the future. At some point we need stop and enjoy and appreciate … Continue reading Losing at the Waiting Game


Goodbye Amelia

I wrote a poem almost a year ago about the day that Amelia died. From the phone call from Chanel that something was wrong to the end of day when we said goodbye around midnight. I was sitting in my bed one night getting ready to fall asleep when all these words just came to … Continue reading Goodbye Amelia

The 7 Year Itch

This past weekend we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. When we first got married our goal was to celebrate our 7th in Fiji. That didn’t happen. Life has a funny way of not going along with our plans. 7 years is still a milestone I’ve been looking forward to because according to research you’re much … Continue reading The 7 Year Itch

How We Met and Got Married in 3 Months

It all started with someone holding up her picture and asking who thought she was cute. I definitely did and made sure that everyone in the room knew it. It was her senior picture from high school, she had blonde hair and green eyes. I was in love. Immediately. It was March 2010 and I … Continue reading How We Met and Got Married in 3 Months

Your children are not a pain in the butt, they are a blessing!

The other night we were all sitting in the living room just hanging out with each other. Thanks to my work schedule it’s something we are able to do a few times every day. I was sitting there just watching our boys play and interact with each other and the moment just kind of struck … Continue reading Your children are not a pain in the butt, they are a blessing!

A Great Marriage is not 50-50

There's a common idea I've seen shared around for a while now. Marriage is 50-50 The idea is that if each person in the relationship contributes 50% then your marriage will equal 100% and you will have a long and happy life full of nothing but love for each other. Excuse me, while I laugh … Continue reading A Great Marriage is not 50-50