Growing Up

In November 2013 we moved back to North Carolina. We didn’t really have a reason other than things were just not going our way in Washington. I was working for Lowe’s, part time, making minimum wage and we were living in a 1 bedroom, 500 square feet apartment with a 6 month old. Nothing was … Continue reading Growing Up


How We Met and Got Married in 3 Months

It all started with someone holding up her picture and asking who thought she was cute. I definitely did and made sure that everyone in the room knew it. It was her senior picture from high school, she had blonde hair and green eyes. I was in love. Immediately. It was March 2010 and I … Continue reading How We Met and Got Married in 3 Months

Your children are not a pain in the butt, they are a blessing!

The other night we were all sitting in the living room just hanging out with each other. Thanks to my work schedule it’s something we are able to do a few times every day. I was sitting there just watching our boys play and interact with each other and the moment just kind of struck … Continue reading Your children are not a pain in the butt, they are a blessing!

A Great Marriage is not 50-50

There's a common idea I've seen shared around for a while now. Marriage is 50-50 The idea is that if each person in the relationship contributes 50% then your marriage will equal 100% and you will have a long and happy life full of nothing but love for each other. Excuse me, while I laugh … Continue reading A Great Marriage is not 50-50

Amelia’s Last Day Part IV

This is the post that I’ve been looking forward to writing the most.   You see, Amelia’s story isn’t over. It’s FAR from over. It’s just beginning!   I’ve learned a lot about heaven since her death and a lot of what I’ve learned is different from what I always believed. It’s been over 10 … Continue reading Amelia’s Last Day Part IV

Amelia’s Last Day Part III

When our second child, Maverick, was born it was quick and easy. We walked into the hospital at 10:30 am and Chanel delivered him in a triage room, completely naturally, by 11:00 am. We spent 24 hours in the hospital then went home. No issues whatsoever. When our firstborn, Beckham, arrived, we went to the … Continue reading Amelia’s Last Day Part III