Goodbye Amelia

I wrote a poem almost a year ago about the day that Amelia died. From the phone call from Chanel that something was wrong to the end of day when we said goodbye around midnight. I was sitting in my bed one night getting ready to fall asleep when all these words just came to me. I quickly jotted them down and they’ve been sitting in my notebook since then. It’s been so long since she passed but these words still ring loud.


Phone ringing.

Wife panicked.

Tires screeching.

Baby motionless.

Family rushing.

Emergency arrival.

Waiting, waiting.

Phone ringing.

Chaplain coming.

Doctors rushing.

Nurses frantic.

More doctors.

Last grasp.

Last look.

Quick prayers.

Saying goodbye.

More panic.

Daughter dying.

Hanging on.

Code blue.

Life flight.

Family arriving.

More panic.

More praying.

Tears flowing.

Doctor talking.

More nurses.

More cords.

Less heartbeat.

Helicopter whirring.

Panicked driving.

Waiting, hoping.

No news.

Nothing changing.

“Get rest.”

Hotel bed.

Phone ringing.

“Get here.”

Tires screeching.

Rain pouring.

Brakes slamming.

Running hallway.

Bursting doors.

Lifeless body.

Noise, panic.

Doctor explaining.

Knees buckling.

Sweat dripping.

More praying.

Breath slowing.

Rate dropping.

Hands pumping.

Rate rising.

Blood flowing.

Lifeless body.

Hands pumping.

Rate rising.

Rate falling.

Wife collapsing.

Doctor explaining.

Life collapsing.

Rate falling.

“That’s it.”

Wrapping baby.

Holding baby.

Rate stopping.

Slowed beeping.


No beeping.

Doctor leaving.

Saying goodbye.

More weeping.

Last kisses.

Laid down.

Praying over..

Thanking God.

“Goodbye Amelia.”



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