Newlywed Life

Peter and I got married on January 22, 2011, a whopping 15 weeks after we first met face to face. Naturally our wedding was thrown together quite fast, quite small and quite cheap. But when you spend your whole relationship over 2,000 miles apart, you just want to be married already. I tell Peter all the time how I wished Pinterest had been around, I would have had a much different wedding, but I digress. Our wedding day came and went in the blink of an eye, and thus began our “honeymoon”. Since Peter was stationed in North Carolina and I lived in Nevada, we decided it would be the best idea ever to drive the 2,710 miles in my car squished together with all my belongings. And while I can’t say it was what I always pictured my honeymoon to be like, it was an incredible opportunity to talk non-stop and get to know each other really well.


Once we got settled in Peter went back to work and I became a straight up dependapotamus. A “dependapotumus” is a term Peter and I came up with to describe lazy Air Force wives. I would literally wake up for the day just before Peter got home for lunch and one unfortunate time he got home and caught me still sleeping. Yikes! So I finally shaped up and got a job. And guys I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a big crier. I cry about anything remotely sad. Don’t talk to me about the elderly, babies or really the beginning of almost every Disney movie. I will cry. So everyday Peter and I would leave for work at the same time, he would turn left and I would go right and naturally I’d be sobbing as I waved goodbye to my new hubby. I know, pathetic. Eventually we got into a good rhythm, I stopped crying and our first year flew by!


Three months into our second year of marriage we found out we were pregnant with our first baby! Shortly after our baby news we decided buying a house was the next logical step, and so followed the biggest fight we have ever had to this day. I honestly don’t remember all the details but basically I wanted the cute perfectly decorated, painted and upgraded house while Peter thought it was a better idea to buy a bit of a fixer upper. I will admit, Peter was right. There I said it, he was right. We bought this crazy looking foreclosure with BRIGHT orange, yellow, green, and blue walls, some half painted. And these people must have been pissed about the foreclosure because they punched holes in the walls, took the dishwasher, ripped out the fireplace and took the back deck. Yeah you read that right, I don’t know how, but they straight up took off with that deck and left us a nice little drop off right out the back door. Lovely. But their loss was our gain, we got a great price and with a little tlc, paint and putty we were in love with our first house.

house after

Around the summer of 2013 we started to feel homesick and kind of lonely with a new baby and no family around. My parents and siblings were scattered around in Alabama, Nevada, and California. But Petey Boy had all his family right smack in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. So we put our house up for sale, got an accepted offer, and onward to Kennewick, WA we went!


I’d like to say everything went smoothly and we were insanely happy. But we hit a few bumps in the road. For instance, we had made plans to stay with my in-laws for just a week or two while we looked for a place to live. Our house was supposed to close shortly after we arrived in WA, but it ended up taking around 3 extra months to close. So our week or two stay turned into a 12 week stay. And with 5 kids already living at home, a family of 3 moving in was a blast, more or less. All the while Peter was job hunting with no great options opening up. He eventually landed a part-time job with Lowes and we were able to move into a 1 bedroom 700 sf. apartment.


Now that was a riveting time, cramming all our belongings into a 700 sf apartment, and giving the only bedroom to our light-sleeping infant. That left our bedroom as the space directly next to the kitchen, it doubled as a dining room and living room. It was the original “tiny house”. So needless to say we were stressed, cramped, missing our cute little house in NC and really doubting our decision to move. So guess what we decided to do? After spending roughly 5 months in WA we sold practically everything and moved BACK to North Carolina. Yep, that’s right. I’ll let Peter finish that story next week. 

Side note: Here is the news video of our engagement that Peter mentioned in our last blog. Feels like SO long ago!

P.S. – We’ve been having some technical difficulties with our podcast so for January we’re only doing blog posts then in February we will begin releasing podcast episodes!

Eventually you can find the podcast on iTunes or at:

Thank you for your attention!


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