Amelia’s Last Day Part IV

This is the post that I’ve been looking forward to writing the most.   You see, Amelia’s story isn’t over. It’s FAR from over. It’s just beginning!   I’ve learned a lot about heaven since her death and a lot of what I’ve learned is different from what I always believed. It’s been over 10 … Continue reading Amelia’s Last Day Part IV


Amelia’s Last Day Part III

When our second child, Maverick, was born it was quick and easy. We walked into the hospital at 10:30 am and Chanel delivered him in a triage room, completely naturally, by 11:00 am. We spent 24 hours in the hospital then went home. No issues whatsoever. When our firstborn, Beckham, arrived, we went to the … Continue reading Amelia’s Last Day Part III