When I was a young child I knew that my purpose on this earth was to write words.  This website is where I put them.

I’ve looked into doing different things like vlogging and podcasting because those are the more popular forms of media right now but I was born to write, not sit in front of a microphone or camera (that’s a handsome man’s game anyways).

I’ve thought about turning this into a family lifestyle blog (whatever that is) and include my wife’s writing but that’s not what I’m supposed to do either.

I’ve also pondered about writing stuff that would get me views and clicks and therefore advertisers but that’s not what I’m supposed to do either.

I’m supposed to write and I think the 40,000 people from 90 different countries (seriously) that have read this blog would agree as well.

When you read these writings you’ll meet my family: my wife Chanel, and our kids, Beckham, Maverick, Amelia, and Jack. You’ll learn about my faith and how it plays out in my day to day life. You’ll get to be a fly on the wall in our marriage, and our parenting journey which includes death, trauma, special needs and a whole lot of love.

My wish from sharing these words is that someone, somewhere, whether it’s in Angola, Peru, or Italy, would feel a sense of the hope that only comes through Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reading.